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360 degree view of the Valley of the Sun with mountains and distances from Papago Park (1/20/2004)
Estrella Mountains, main page
Index page, the gateway to this site
Goals of the site... Why, who and when
History Page History of the Estrellas and Old Maricopa area
Chart / Main map of the Estrellas, names of peaks, valleys and landmarks
Maps, some of the 100+ historic maps, all showing the Estrellas Space views of the Phoenix area Documents in my collection Legends of the Estrellas: Gold mines, ghosts, vampires, etc.. Alphabetical listing of all pages Places in the Phoenix area with historica significance People Links Conmtacts us. basic Email information Treasures of the Estrellas. Foprget the Superstitions. Humor Referrals and references. A good word for those who deserve it. Papago park, a favorite place Indians of the Old Phoenix area: the Pimas and the Maricopas Peak Mine Maricopa wells Patio area Urbanization