Goals and Issues

In general terms, the purpose of this web site is to raise consciousness of the Old Maricopa and Estrella Mountain region. For the most part, both have been ignored. However times have changed and Maricopa is no longer a sleepy rural community and the Estrellas are feeling the effects of the out-of-control growth of the metropolitan Phoenix area. I would never have believed this could happen.

The fact is that many treasures of the Estrellas -- including archeological sites, petroglyphs, wildlife, vegitation and even memories are being lost. And nobody seems to care. Vandals have already ruined many of the ancient petroglyphs at Monetezuma Head, desert plains are littered with tires, broken glass and other debrey (?) of civilization.

So, in specific terms, I would like to propose the following goals:

1. That all federal and state lands south of ???? on the west side of the Estrellas be designated a National Monument, under the terms of ....

2. That steps be taken to monitor archeological sites within the areas designated above, particularly the location referred to as "the Old Spanish Mine" on this web site.

3. That immediate steps be taken to protect the remnants of the bighorn sheep herd. I would place this item right up with number 1 above. The plight of the bighorn is sympomatic of the larger issue of the preservation of the wilderness nature of the Sierra Estrellas. Three hundred years ago, Manje writes about the sheep and their importance to the region. He even mentions a pile of "100,000" horns in the Pima villages. Now, because of urbanization and drought, there are maybe a dozen animals left.

I would like to encourage everybody to act on these matters. Write your state and federal representatives! Call your newspapers. Go out and pick up garbage. Cut off the fingers of anytbody with a spray paint can. Contact me. Do something!