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Learning how to write HTML with Frames. To be used in many ways, to learn how to get things done cause I need this for some Web sites. The idea here is how to do darn FRAMES.

This is a map!

This is a commentary on the image next to this, as a sample. It in non-clickable. Bla bla bla. I do know something about mines, petrographs, UFOs, airplane wrecks, massacre sites and other tall tales of the Estrellas. When I find time and extract the materials from the 250 or so articles and documentrs I have on the region (around 2005 or so) I will put them here. Until then, I would settle for a good road map showing roads (if you dare call them that) in the back areas of the Estrellas.

Now some clickabe icons in a table

n attempt to identify major geographic features, place names and points of interest. The PICTURES are are big, so may take a while to download.
Goes to "Sample2.html" page
Click on this to go to the "Sample2.html" page. Bla bla bla. The story of Arizona's Lost Outpost. This could have been Phoenix.
Goes to "sample3.html"
This takes you to the "sample3.html" page... Bla bla bla. There are only two items/rowns in this table. The Lost Mine and the Old Stone house. Next to Phoenix, but unknown. It could only happen in the Estrellas.

Possible Pages

GOALS Our objectives and issues
MAPS Collection of pre-1900 maps
SAMPLE PAGES and other info


  Main Table Line here

First column, first line
sub-topic here. More info on line above
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Another Sample

Column Here
Middle Colum First line
Second line
Third Line
Forth Line
Fifth Line
additional stuff under line 5
Sixth Line

Third Colum First line
Left second line
and last lower right line


Clickable Text goes to a_sample page and other info


Click here for image This is a clickable image, for possible use.

Now click here to bring up an image in a separate window. Notice that the image is in a new window.

Now to play music, use the button Clicking this icon will play the music file.




main top image = 668 x 50 x 256 colors (a_top.gif)
buttons = 60 x 25 x 16 (use "aa_blank.gif" as standard)
text on buttons mostly tahoma or arial bold size 10, some 9 too

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End of Sample Page

Now some final icons for navegation