UFO transporter bases

It is a little known fact that the Estrellas are a kind of portal (AKA Stargate) to ETs (extraterrestrials) of intergalatic origin. I refer to the March 1997 incidents, often known as the "Phoenix Lights." Around 10 PM on a clear spring night several bright lights were seen hovered directly over the Estrellas for 5 to 10 minutes, a phenomena witnessed by thousands and reported on CNN, Good Morning America, the Arizona Republic, and local TV stations. The sighting was even the subject of an hour long documentary on the Discovery channel. This UFO incident has been called "The Most Incredible Mass Sighting Of All" and "the largest mass sighting of a UFO in US history. " Another article states that "The Phoenix lights have been arguably the most intriguing UFO sighting to capture the imaginations of not only the citizens of Arizona but also the entire nation as full page stories appeared in USA Today and eyewitness testimony of a large triangular craft... bla, bla, bla..."

Anyway, I am not into elves, bigfoot or flying objects, but as a certified Estrella mountain expert, I felt the need to look into the matter. After all, if the Estrellas are ground zero for our link with planet Malukium in the Besterol galaxy, I should know about it. There are several hundred sites on the Internet that debate all aspects of the Phoenix Lights. While many so-called experts offer the simplistic and ridiculous explanation that the objects observed were flares dropped by a visiting Air National Guard unit in a training area southwest of Phoenix, a more serious and technical analysis of the events on that fateful night lead me to the firm conviction that the Phoenix lights were, beyond any doubt, nothing less than the 3D manifestation of at least 8 giant UFOs manuvering between physical space and hyperspace through a transdimensional field egress channel in a magnobirutanium vortex situated 3,141.59 centimeters (about 110 yards) above the central Sierra Estrellas. In fact, ancient Pima indian folklore abounds with references to strange expanding and contracting "day star lights" and "moon fire" sightings and nonhuman phantasmic apparitions in the area, usually referred to by the Native Americans as "batmen," "winged spirits" or, based upon the even more ancient legends and early Spanish accounts, the dreaded "clawman" or "Chupacabra" half-human, half-demon beings.

What people saw that night... Malukium spaceships lined up to enter the transdimensional egress channel above Estrellas. (The sole ship on the left, piloted by the only male Malukium in the convoy, obviously missed the channel because he did not ask for directions at the local Circle K)

To the normal viewer, the Phoenix Lights appeared to be some kind of luminous objects floating in the dark shy. In reality, to the UFO expert, what was seen that night was the residual manifestation resulting from space vehicles moving into the Estrella egress channel. This process, which can take up to 10 minutes depending on the size of the vehicle and the palhacodium-nuclear forces employed by it to reach proper neuroequilibrium energy levels for transdimensional hyperspacial travel, leaves a small proble (a point of light) in the visual component of the electo-magnetic spectrum, even when the Malukiums utilize paragonic-siliencium dampers to shield the luminosity. These visible pulsating globes are the result of a very complex process wherein gravitational and time-space continuam waves are processed by the semitheorium reactors in the vehicle, creating heliquium-phasor based pluriform sub-particle impluses that under certain atmospheric conditions are visible to the human naked eye. This application of basic scientific principles makes it possible for space beings to travel between worlds and the seven known dimensions as easily as we go from the kitchen to the bedroom. It is a wonder that all 3 million people in the Phoenix area weren't melted to the bone, given the magnitude of cosmic energy deployed that night by the Malukiums. Unfortunately, transamplimatic tachyon-theorium based time and space travel only works well with sylicon-paraneolaminoid-hypoacid multi-cayardeoid life forms such the Malukiums that have been utilizing the Estrella Hyperdimensional Atmostructure transporter for almost 500 years. Undoubtedly, the bi-pedal, semi-human aspect of the Malukiums is responsible for ancient stories of strange creatures that inhabit the Estrellas. And there is more, the few encounters between humans and "clawmen" have not always ended well. Legends state that these creatures are to be avoided at all costs, because they seem to cause some sort of nerve-cell reaction on the human body, characterized by headaches and dizziness. In medical terms, this may be a nonephemeral inflamation and flotsaming of cerebral tissues caused by the palhacodium-nuclear residue or even from other Besterol-related elelemts unknown to earth. As I have repeatedly stated, be careful and be safe when in the Estrellas. I, personally, honestly, have heard strange noises and seen unidentified shawdows (or something) moving above me among the rocks at night when camping in the Estrellas. I would like to think these are just the Bighorn sheep, a big, old owl sitting on a tree, or a gentle wind pushing tree branches against the rocks.

Rare view from Malukium spaceship. Note that it is at vortex of the egress channel, directly above the Estrellas.

Oh yes, there is also a good analysis of the "Phoenix lights" incident by Tony Ortega in the Phoenix New Times mag, also found at www.rickross.com/reference/ufo4.htmll. Atually, if I were to take any aspect of the supernatual seriously, I would focus on Clawman, Arizona's own mysterious creature. Although pretty much forgotten in the 20th/21st century, there is a substancial body of evidence from Pima folklore and even 18th century Spanish explorer journals referring to semi-human creatures in the area. And this is a couple of hundred years before Bigfoot. I have a page on Clawman here on this site, somewhere, and one on the bighorn sheep, another possible explanation for some of the reported sightings.

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